President's Message

Dear PL-lites, Teachers, Friends and Alumni of PLMGS,

For well over a century, it has been PLMGS’ firm mission and message that every student be nurtured in heart, soul, mind, and strength, and to live in favour with God and Man. For many of us, it is these shared experiences and values that shape much of our adult years.

And it is such that when we leave PL’s “shelt’ring walls”,  we are enriched to face life’s greatest call. Always remember that as PLMGS’ alumni, we are one her greatest assets. As a former pupil of this school, you are an inspiration to our school’s current pupils.  For the many who excel in their respective fields and reach new heights, this instils a sense of pride in your PL family.

So let us remember to serve wherever we are called to serve. Do what we are asked to do. Every position we hold will add to our personal capacity to do more. And every service will bring its own reward. Some of them may seem small, but certainly never unimportant. Every calling is important.

May we all embrace every opportunity to JUSTSHINE brightly for the glory of God.

To God be the Glory.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Quahe-Lim Su-Lynn
President of the PLMGS Alumni Association
Class of 1988